The Blog has moved

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Hey folks, I’ve permanently moved the blog into it’s own hosting. All posts and content will now appear at THE ABSTRACT REPORT


Secular Haze is coming…

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013


Just a quick, timely follow up on my previous post, Ghost (or Ghost B.C as they seem to have adopted for legal reasons) have announced their new album along with launching a new song with video in tow!

Enjoy the dark sounds and sights of Secular Haze from the upcoming album INFESTISSUMAM

Trent Reznor Beats Spotify

Thursday, February 21st, 2013


A while ago Trent Reznor teased something that he was working on with Dr.Dre and quickly squashed any theories of it being his own branded earphones (although another artist has surprisingly got involved with that), I didn’t know what to think, I couldn’t see Mr Reznor working on a hip hop album so I, like the rest of the world was in the dark.

As the months went by it emerged that this secret collaboration was codenamed “Daisy” and that was all the info that was being released until… Read the rest of this entry »

Cyberpunk: Watch Dogs

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

watch-dogs3It isn’t very often I get this pumped up for a video game, I think the last time was for the final Mass Effect game but at 2012’s E3 event, Ubisoft teased something so completely unexpected and out of left field that I couldn’t help but be intrigued. Now forgive me for the lack of totally in depth information because Ubisoft are being pretty tight lipped about the whole project.

The horribly titled Watch Dogs appears to be a third person, Orwellian, cyberpunk, open world extravaganza.  Read the rest of this entry »

Cyberpunk is back

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Some may argue that it never really went away, I think there are a new influx of cyberpunk themes in technology and pop culture  because we’re now living in the BR2019era that most cyber punk is based, Blade Runner is only 6 years away, Neuromancer is roughly 20. I also feel that cyberpunk science is also really becoming more fact than fiction. It doesn’t hurt that technology, industrial and consumer, has taken such a leap that for the first time in my life, it genuinely feels like I’m living in the “future”. Read the rest of this entry »

Ghost: Opus Eponymous

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013


Hello mortals, as promised I said I would write a little bit as I go further down the vinyl rabbit hole so here is the first of what is inevitably going to be many of these things.

Yesterday the postman delighted me with the delivery of two brand new records. One was Apocryphon by The Sword (more on that later) and the other was Opus Eponymous by Swedish band, Ghost. Read the rest of this entry »

I am a podcaster

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

One of the things I have on the go right now are my podcasts, this is partially why the blog has been left for a while but I’m at a stage where I’m back on the blog horse for good.

Back in the middle of 2012 I got my brother listening to podcasts, he got hooked pretty quickly and it got to the stage where he asked me if I’d like to start one with him, this was good for me because I’ve been wanting to podcast for the best part of a decade, I’ve recorded a couple of test shows with just me as the host but I was never happy with the result so we got planning.

We decided on a name (What A Fool Believes) and a format and we just went and did it. Episode 1 was a little creaky, drunk, very poorly recorded and a bit long for the stuff we were discussing, episode 2 got better, 3 was EVEN better and it’s now continued like that for 26 weeks now, we’ve both been shocked at the listener figures, we were amazed at getting on the front page of iTunes 293182_10150758907015627_4656007_nand we have enthusiastic, loyal fans. We’ve even gotten to the stage where we’re talking with some very cool people about sponsorship, partnerships and support for the show. I’m writing this post on the week where we are about to begin the video specials with help from a very well known 3rd party.

I love doing this show, it’s a good chance to relax and have a few decent beers with my brother, I feel that in such a short period of time, we’ve really come a long way, we have press credentials for a few upcoming events and we love what we’re doing. The beauty is, we’re still learning, the audio quality is improving week on week and it’s a real buzz when I get to publish new shows, it’s an even bigger buzz when I get a tweet or an email from someone who’s listened! I also feel that we’re becoming a trusted source for craft beer info and opinions. Read the rest of this entry »

I have fallen in love with records

Saturday, February 16th, 2013

I mean ACTUAL records, lovely 12″ vinyl, tangible things that come in awesome sleeves!

I’ve been an admirer of vinyl for quite some time, I appreciated the format but never really caught the collecting bug, I’ve been a digital listener for about 10 years, mainly because of work related travel and I just got used to consuming my music that way.

Over these 10 years my sound system at home has been built upon, I love my amp and speakers, my lossless audio sounds nice through them, we had a record player but frankly, it was crap and therefore went unused.

On my 30th birthday I received what I already consider to be a life changing gift, a very good friend of mine bought me an amazing Dual 505-2 turntable.2013-02-14 12.06.29 I got it home, I hastily unplugged and moved my old record player like it was a fire hazard full of killer bees and carefully set up my new toy.

I can safely say I am hearing new things in music that I have been listening to for 20 years, I am a complete vinyl convert and I’m excited that I’m already adding new things to a steadily growing collection.

There are hundreds of albums that I’m dying to pick up and enjoy in a whole new way, not to mention the little things I’m learning about getting the best out of the turntable, I’ve become like a man obsessed, almost like I’m rushing to make up for lost time, I still like my digital library of over 25,000 tracks but none of them sound quite as good as 180 gram vinyl, I’m also going to admit to you that I was nearly reduced to a sobbing mess by one track in particular that has always sounded good to me but not “hand over my mouth-glassy eyes-gasping” good. It feels like a little ritual when playing a record, it’s more effort than using a remote to choose a playlist and it feels like you’re actually doing something nice and thoughtful for the other people in the room.

I’ll write a little going forward about my acquisitions, I can’t wait! My living room is filling up nicely with these 12×12 pieces of art and honestly, I’ll be eternally grateful to the wonderful man that bought me this amazing machine.

The blog is back

Saturday, February 16th, 2013

Hey, it’s me, you’ve probably forgotten who I am, it’s been a really long time and in that long time, lots has happened, looking back at where the posts dried up is pretty much where work started to get somewhat hectic and I started a few new projects.

I’ve been thinking about blogging again for a few weeks, this all started where I had the chance of doing something really cool, a dream 526314_10151471758600627_1154843645_nopportunity, the people I met with were cool, they liked my writing style and we all got on famously, the last (and killer) hurdle for me was that one of the competition was a professional writer and the project was all about the content. They had no choice other than to go for the pro and they were very very apologetic and nice to me when letting me down, I genuinely believe they found it hard. It was a tough day when I found out this dream wasn’t happening for me just yet.

Cut to now, it’s been 2 weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about this missed chance and there’s no point moping, I need to just get on with it and change things so that I don’t get dropped again in favour of someone who writes more than me, this is the important lesson my 30 years on this planet have taught me, you just need to go out and get what you want rather than hoping you get it.

I’ll keep updating my blog as much as I can. I have no shortage of things happening in my life right now!

I’m back baby!

I Heart Podcasts

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

I’ve been watching and listening to podcasts for 7 years now, it all started with the purchase of my first mac computer (nice aluminium 12″ PowerBook) I instantly fell in love with Diggnation, TWiT and MacCast, it soon spread and it got to the stage where I was using podcasts more than TV or radio.

My love of podcasts has continued, they’re my entertainment of choice on long trips, I listen to at least one every night before bed, I’ll listen to them while I’m sat at my laptop. Basically, I heart podcasts!

Apple have FINALLY given podcasts the love they deserve with their own app! Instead of the podcasts being hidden in the depths of iTunes, these suckers are presented in their own gorgeous app, you don’t have to plug your  iDevice into your computer, you literally download, subscribe and manage them in the app. I couldn’t be happier about this app!