Swami Sound System

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

Out of all of the people who inspire me, John Reis is always in my top 3, he’s consistently produced music that makes me feel alive and I think I can safely say I have loved every single one of his projects.

It fascinates me to find out what inspires the people I hold in high regard and John Reis’s radio show The Swami Sound System gives me a little insight into what turns him on.

The show is broadcast on FM94/9 in San Diego on a saturday night and Reis plays mindblowing collections of songs from his own record collection. I can’t say it any better than the official description:

“Join the Swami every Saturday 10pm to 1am and plummet into the abyss of primal punk, raw funk, scathing soul scorchers, lysergic psychedelic excursions, blown out reggae and dub and a vast assortment of exotic sounds from around the globe. Overlooked gems from the past and current underground noise collide as the Swami hurls disc after disc at your ears from the safety of his well soiled semi-magic carpet. He is the reverend of the irreverent and he welcomes you to take part in this celebration of feedback, tape hiss and reverb. It IS about the music and the Swami Sound System will expose you to the most reckless songs ever created.”
John Reis IS the Swami

You have to be up bloody early in the UK to listen online so here’s a spotify playlist with some of Swami’s past shows.

Remember, Swami knows all.


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